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Providing and delivering interactive videoconferencing
across the curriculum in the UK and around the world

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Global-Leap Videoconferencing in the Classroom.
Global-Leap/ Videoconferencing in the Classroom Teachers Association
(Not for Profit)
Supporting, Hosting, Funding, Extending and Delivering VC Content and Activities.
Promoting Interactive Communication Technology to add value to teaching and learning across the curriculum around the world.
G-LVCTA is a Not-for-Profit organisation (content provider) financed by collective UK annual school member subscriptions.
The website is a resource for teachers and part of the
"Videoconferencing in the Classroom Project" which received funding from the DfES between 2001- 2004, and from BECTa during 2004-2005.
Currently G-LVCTA finance, host, deliver and support a menu of some two hundred different topics/options/titles, suitable for all key stages and across curriculum areas.
G-L schools can choose from over three hundred scheduled VC sessions each school term at no cost to our school members per session.

In addition our schools can sometimes ask me for special requests by
arrangement, subject to diary and studio space availability here.
G-LVCTA does not represent any resellers of videoconference equipment or providers of connectivity solutions.
G-LVCTA is not a bridging service.G-LVCTA receives no funding income from any Grid for Learning.

Mike Griffith is a teacher and independent education consultant
who has been working to initiate and develop sustainable Videoconferencing Content and International Classroom to Classroom Collaboration Activities since 1998.

Last academic year 2010/11, G-LVCTA arranged, financed, hosted and delivered over a thousand VC content and collaborative VC sessions for our UK member schools, including covering session costs for international VC content..

Twelfth successful year.  (2000 - 2012)


Newsletter December 2011

It’s that time again when we review the last twelve months and look forward to the New Year.

First of all I need to say Thank You to all the teachers who have supported and continue to support G-LVCTA.  Global-Leap is self funded. We need to raise every penny needed to pay our guest presenters and to pay for and to run our VC content programmes each term, so that our VC sessions are there for your classes to use.
Global-Leap receives no funding from your LA or Grid for Learning, or from any resellers of VC equipment, or from any provider of broadband services or VC bridging services.
I originally set up Global-Leap in order to develop and extend VC Content. And have worked now for over ten years to maintain and extend and to finance content for schools.

As you know there was a significant change in how we raise our funding, from last April 2011, as we moved away from our previous one small annual subscription  per school membership funding model (with NO additional payment for individual VC sessions). 

We are still running our VC content programmes, but now our schools  do need pay for each of our sessions that they book. This new "pay-as -you-go" system is replacing your annual subscription. There is no longer any annual subscription.  We hope this is fairer to small schools. 
G-LVCTA is still not for profit, but there must be a realistic source of remuneration in order for me to be able to pay our daily presenters and for me to cover essential costs, bridging fees etc. Hopefully your school has set aside the annual subscription that you didn't use in April 2011, and  will be able to use this initially to pay for some of your required  VC sessions this year.

I have been busy agreeing some dates  for 2012 with our regular guest presenters and I’ll be posting our sessions on over the holidays so they’ll be ready for the new term in January. Please note that I do need to be able to pay our guest and visiting presenters for the whole day, so it is important that as many of you as possible use the sessions, otherwise the VC day is not financially viable. I do hope you will be able to support our VC content programme. Because VC content programmes are very expensive to run, there has been a continuing reduction of all available VC opportunities this year. With your help, I hope we can keep our own Global-Leap programmes going.

Last year, Global-leap was able to host, fund and deliver over a thousand VC sessions and classroom collaborations for our G-LVCTA members. Over the last decade, we have developed and delivered innovative VC content covering a very wide range of subjects and activities including RE, Music, Maths, MFL, Drama, Literacy, Science, History, Geography, PSHE and Citizenship, Current Affairs, teacher introductory sessions, and more.....including special requests. Many of our most popular and successful sessions have always been with Early Years and Key Stage One classes.

Please log in and book your sessions for January 2012 in the usual way. If you find you are no longer able to log in, email me with the name and location of your school, and your contact teachers name and email address, and I will readvise you of your school ID etc. 

So here’s to 2012. Enjoy your well deserved rest. Have a Great holiday and a Happy New Year. I hope to see you again in January.

About Global-Leap

A Big THANK YOU to all our UK subscribing members of G-LVCTA (not for profit)
Your collective annual subscriptions, together with your ongoing support has enabled G-LVCTA to action and further the aims of YOUR Teachers Association. The aims of G-LVCTA are to continue to initiate, extend, host, fund, support and deliver VC content, and collaborative classroom activities and support for our classroom members, and with and for our team of freelancers, presenters, invited guests, volunteers, and museum and gallery colleagues. Sustainable VC content programmes in the UK continue to be expensive and complicated to maintain and deliver successfully.

Without the financial contribution and practical support of our UK school members over recent years, via G-LVCTA, the whole area of VC content provision and support would be a very sparsely populated landscape today.

Thank you, particularly to those UK schools, LAs  or others, who have, by identifying and assigning the occasional couple of days consultancy here and there, have enabled me to continue to fill any shortfall in  funding needs for  this  unique and successful programme..

With a very modest amount of collective annual funding and resources G-LVCTA (not for profit) has developed a successful model, delivering and supporting hundreds of activities and our VC content for our member schools each term. The activities that are listed on our G-LVCTA lesson pages represent just a proportion of the activities that we finance and deliver each week. Many more activities are arranged for individual class teachers as required, each week.

Best wishes and here's to another exciting years work during 2010.
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